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Think outside the box???
What if there was no box



Who We Are

At RedSoda we work with our partners to improve across the full spectrum of product development activities, improving both ranging and process to maximise profits.

Our leader & CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Tony Sheridan, ensures a fully cross-functional approach combined with deep knowledge and industry expertise to help partners build the capabilities they need for profitable growth.

We champion brands and innovators and bring ideas to life . We leverage your unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver the right proposition with you. Our team offers unparalleled innovative solutions to all of our partners  with a CAN DO AND WILL DO attitude.


What We Do

Together We Create DIFFERENTIATION In Concept Through To Execution

Brand - Design - Range Proposition

Product Development - Sourcing - Supply Chain

Strategy - Market Execution

Business Meeting

Brand, Design & Range Proposition

Container Ship

Product Development & Sourcing & Supply Chain

Fluffy White Clouds

Strategy & Market Execution

Results You’ll Love

We work with  you to understand your market opportunity and develop a proposition that will strike right through the heart of your target customer. 

RedSoda will delivery an executable proposition that fits your objectives and delivers incremental reward in customer engagement and margin contribution.

The World Is Yours

The team at REDSODA and its sister company FOB DIRECT CO LIMITED (HK)  have vast experience in product development and sourcing . With Offices in the UK and the Orient and partners over several continents. The brand and range vision and can be realised and delivered!

Be Different, Be Unique

You don't need to be 'me too' you are unique you are different. Two musts on the pathway to succes. RedSoda will work with you to create a plan of differentiation. Concept through to execution. We will have fun doing it too!


Some of our Partners

At RedSodaCo Limited, we take pride in every single brand that we work with. From large scale companies, to small and medium size business, we work with a wide range of clients and launch them on the path to success. We enjoy working with each client and we want to show off our work. Check out our portfolio!


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Merchandise Solution With Record Returns


Merchanise and Digital Development

Darlington Mowden Park RFC

Merchandise Solutions


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